1. Saroj Kumar, Fredrik Nikolajeff : Early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. IVA's (Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering       Sciences) 100 list 2020: From knowledge to sustainable competitiveness.


2. S.Kumar: Tracking Breast cancer before it grows: Developing early detection and treatment options for cancer.

3. R.Lahlali, Y.Jiang, S.Kumar, C.Karunakaran, X.Liu, R.A.Bueckert: Scientists discover the cause of heat tolerance in peas.

4. S.Kumar: Research team identifies new markers involved in cancer progression.

5. 8 ways researchers fight cancer using the CLS (Candian Light Source)

6. Scientists work toward new canola varieties as clubroot spreads across the prairies.


We are looking for bright researcher who is having their own JRFs (CSIR/UGC/ICMR/DBT) and are interested in our research.


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