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Dr. Fredrik Nikolajeff

Director: MedTech4Health, Excellence Centre of Neurodegeneration

Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Materials Science, 

Uppsala University 

Uppsala, Sweden

Dr. Achal Kumar Srivastava


Department of Neurology

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

New Delhi, India

Dr. Sandeep R Mathur


Department of Pathology

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

New Delhi, India

Prof. Andreas Barth

Professor in Biophysics

Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Stockholm University

Stockholm, Sweden

Prof. Erik Goormaghtigh


Structure and Function of Membrane Biology Laboratory

Université libre de Bruxelles

Brussels, Belgium

Dr. Ferenc Borondics

Principal Beamline Scientist

SMIS Spectromicroscopy Beamline

Soleil Synchrotron

Saint-Aubin, Paris, France

Dr. Bogdan Popescu

Faculty, Anatomy & Cell Biology

Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology

College of Medicine

University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Dr. Kapil Dev

Assistant Professor 

Department of Biotechnology

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Jamia Millia Islamia

New Delhi

Dr. Neerja Rani

Assistant Professor 

Department of Anatomy

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

New Delhi

Dr. Gyan Prakash Modi

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology

Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) 

Varanasi, India

Dr. Ashok Kumar Patel

Assistant Professor

Kusuma School of Biological Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

New Delhi, India